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Boneyard Beetleworks™ has been cleaning skulls with Dermestid Beetles (Dermestis maculatus) since 2001 and specializes in European Mount Taxidermy and wholesale Dermestid Beetle sales. The company's roots began when a wildlife biologist, who was also a licensed taxidermist, started cleaning osteological specimens for personal collections and to used in nature education. Our customers include sportsmen, taxidermists, museums, schools, education centers, teachers, artists, curio collectors, and even medical examiners.
Our custom built and climate controlled facility allows us to propagate premium quality Dermestid Beetles all year-round specifically for resale and for cleaning all sizes of skulls including moose and elk. We raise our Dermestid Beetles in a closely monitored environment to ensure healthy colonies that are guaranteed to be free of mites and invasive pests like ham beetles. Boneyard Beetleworks™ is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry and does everything in our power to ensure you receive healthy beetles or a museum quality cleaned skull. We are available anytime to help with your questions and concerns even if you don't make a purchase from us.