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2023 Skull Cleaning Prices

Cleaning, Degreasing, and Whitening

Bear, Black* - $200

Bear, Grizzly* - $250

Bighorn Sheep - $250

Bison - $375

Boar, Pig, Javelina - $225

Deer - $200

Elk - $275

Mountain Goat - $200

Mountain Lion* - $175

Moose - $375

Pronghorn Antelope - $200

Small Game (bobcat, coyote, fox*) - $90

Turkey Tail Fan - $125

Turkey Fan w/ beard, wings, skull, feet - $250

Waterfowl - $80

Wolf* - $175







Additional Charges

*Polymer seal to help prevent canine cracking - $80

Spoiled, Rotted, Maggot Infested - add 50%

Lower Jaw of Ungulates - $40-$60

Mummified/Deadhead - $100

Velvet Preservation - $100

Stain Antlers - $50

Rush Fee - $100


Plaques and displays in a variety of styles available at an additional cost.


Call for prices on species not listed



So you want a skull cleaned and European mounted to preserve your memories of the hunt?




European style mounts are a classic way to show off a trophy where the skull is stripped of all flesh and the bone is bleached white before hanging on a wall. Skull cleaning with Dermestid beetles is the method preferred by museums and professionals for over 100 years and is far superior to boiling. Unlike other methods like boiling, Dermestid beetles clean all the meat and tissue off of your skull without damaging delicate bone structure or causing undue shrinkage. Bone shrinkage is a major factor if you are considering B&C, P&Y, or SCI scoring records.


After skulls are beetle cleaned, we utilize several chemical techniques to remove grease and fat from the bone. Grease is the enemy of whitened skulls and a quality European mount. If not totally removed, fats will eventually leach back out of the bone causing it to yellow. Each skull is unique, some degrease rather quickly and others like black bears or wild pigs can take months to remove all the grease.

Finally, your skull will undergo a chemical whitening process that does not degrade the bone structure like household bleach. The whitened skull is then sealed with a water-based sealant to preserve the bone integrity. A thermo-plastic resin sealant is used for all predator skulls. We will get your skull as white as possible, however, the degree of whiteness will vary depending on several factors, including: condition of the specimen, age and species of the animal, and naturally occurring oils in the bone. We will not sacrifice quality for a quick turnaround time. 

Important Note: The fresher the condition of your skull the better your finished skull will be.  We recommend you properly skin your head as soon as possible and place in a freezer or deliver to us.  To properly prepare a skull you must remove all the skin, meat, and tissue including brains, eye, and tongue. An extra fee is charged for any skulls not properly prepared.  Heads that are spoiled and /or have maggots often end up with permanent stains that can't be removed.  Please contact us in advance for shipping requirements.