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Dermestid Beetle Sales

Purchase your Dermestid Beetles (Dermestus maculatus) colony from Boneyard Beetleworks™. Dermestid beetles have been used by museums and taxidermists for over 100 years in the preparation of skeletons. What makes them so ideal for specimen preparation is that they require minimal care, reproduce and thrive at room temperatures, and cannot fly at temperatures below 80ᵒF. Specimen preparation by beetles is often the method of choice by professionals for birds, small specimens, or articulating skeletons.

Boneyard Beetleworks™ provides you with a a variety of colony size options that are healthy and guaranteed to be free of mites and other foreign insects. By following a few simple guidelines, you will be able to successfully cultivate a thriving colony of Dermestid beetles that can tackle whatever you throw at them. Every order is composed of an assortment of beetle LIFE STAGES, primarily larvae since they are the ones who do most of the bone cleaning. Beetle larvae come in all sizes from the tiny new hatchlings all the way up to individuals that are ready to pupate. Because of the size and age class difference no area on or around a skeleton is beyond their reach.

1 Volume Ounce

1 Volume Ounce