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Terms and Conditions

We make every effort on our end to ensure your order of beetles arrives alive and healthy. Please read the following to maximize the chance of live arrival in cold or hot weather.

You must take possession of your beetles within 2 hours of delivery at your home or business. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO SIT AROUND IN THE HEAT, SUN, OR COLD…THEY WILL DIE. If this is not possible, please request that we mark your shipment “HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR PICK UP” along with your phone number in the notes section during checkout. A USPS hold is free, and they will contact you by phone when your package arrives. This will greatly increase the chance of your beetles arriving alive in extreme weather. It is your responsibility to track the order in the USPS system with the supplied tracking number. If the beetles are delivered to a PO box or held for pick up and are not picked up within 24 hours of arriving at the post office, the live delivery guarantee is voided. If the beetles are not accepted on the first delivery attempt, the live guarantee is voided.

We always add an additional 10% of beetles in each order to account for any loss that may occur during shipment. If more than 10% of the beetles arrive dead and you have met the conditions of our guarantee, we will work with you to resolve the issue. IF YOU SUSPECT THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR ORDER DO NOT BREAK THE SECURITY SEAL AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. Broken seals will void your Live Arrival Guarantee.

We make every effort on our part to ensure your order of Dermestid beetles arrive alive and healthy. If there is a problem with your order and you have complied with our conditions, we will work with you for quick resolution.

The Bone Yard ships all orders with a Live Arrival Guarantee. Orders are shipped from our facility on Mondays and Tuesdays via Priority Mail with the USPS and typically arrive in 1-3 days. We do this to maintain the quality of our beetles. We ship throughout the year and package according to season and destination.

Winter shipments include a 3-day heat pack. We provide a tracking number with each shipment to ensure that you can arrange to receive your package upon delivery.

We are not responsible for USPS delivery delays due to weather or transportation. Once the order leaves our facility, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the conditions of the Live Animal Guarantee are satisfied. 

In order to ensure 100% healthy colonies, guaranteed to be free of mites and invasive pests, we are unable to accept returns.

However, if you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us with your name and a detailed description and we are happy to work with you for a quick resolution.

For any claims regarding beetle fatalities, you must contact us within 2 hours of delivery and provide video to confirm the condition of the beetles. If all conditions are met for live arrival, we will either issue a refund for the portion that died, less shipping, or ship you a new order equal to the amount that died.

Shipping costs are final and non refundable.

No refunds will be given if the Live Animal Guarantee is voided.